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Compass Education.

How ever brought to the Children We?
Deep grief education we wrap up dead conscience (some) teachers and (in part) of the students we have just followed the national exam (UNAS). Patutlah ditorehkan in the history of our nation bobroknya a generation in the academic year 2008/2009, especially in the 33 high schools from 8 provinces in this country's beloved (and still may be more (Jawa Pos 2/6/09). It is very sad, apprehensive, and painful.

Sejatinya, UNAS gist is standardized (national) of the country. That many interests and other things attached to it, it is a different matter. Is very much be pitied, all interests are not taken to achieve the UNAS keyword: standardization (national). But only to graduation.

Apart from the UNAS for whom, miris to be careful because this has been a lot of violations in the implementation, including the last seconds. In fact, already done so many positive from the preparation of various parties (including students) who spent time, energy, and cost that is not small. As if, all of these become useless, except to write off the history of education in the country.

Mengenaskan. How does not. Aspects of education, things that is diagung-agungkan characteristics in the formation of a generation of the nation, has tercoreng by the existence of a mass movement that involves the systematic students of this country to kill''and''world intellectual ability. Moral education (through school, and religion) simply evaporate, as it were, will never have in their personality. Extraordinary danger delitescence this!

I imagine the dreadful impact of the future for generations such as this one. Where they engage in systematic agreement (whether with or without compulsion, and are not be) all the way to menghalalkan UNAS for graduation. As itukah basic values that we tanamkan for them?

If it continues so, which would be brought to our students? Remember, they are part of the future of this nation that we want to reminded of the nation as a progressive and noble berbudaya based Pancasila. Not as a swindler, corruptor, or other negative images. What did the world?

Do Pembenahan

Learning from this case, the government must take decisive steps. Without exception, any party involved in all this process should be a proportionate sanction. Then, it's time membenahi implementation of our education system, from upstream to downstream.

Even, if necessary, re-evaluate your system, refer to the PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, action) and the steps POAC (planning, organizing, Actuating, controlling). Need to be re-controlling the first was known in the form of embedded control. Do not''original''happy father. We have much to leave the patterns.

Pembenahan that can be done is internal and external. Start input stage (input), process, until eventually the output (output). Internally must get extra attention, namely students, educators, and educational institutions.

Other aspects in the internal pembenahan for students and educators is empowerment (empowering). Thus, they become confident in the education process, so no longer need the forms in the process of cheating is because they truly believe themselves capable of doing all of that.

The spirit that brought in pembenahan are improvements to the healthy competition with the people of the world. Depart from there, we can not menoleransi efforts dwarf the potential of our students.

We have proven, many of the students we are able to compete with fret achievement level education in the international arena. Not a few more. The world also began to consider and respect the outcome put the education system this country. Do not we nodai it.

Action Not Right

The more painful in this case is the solution that is being prepared: UNAS back. Lie in front of the eyes and how many great sacrifice of time, energy, and cost more to''generation involved recording the history of this''bad. Then, how about those in other parts of the country which is not passed because''not participate in the recording history?''They also have the same rights to attend the re-examination!

Apart from cheating clause (systematic and massive), a policy that should be taken for cases like this is to follow what has been outlined in our education system. Namely, that they do not call the pass-it-any of the test. Similarly, institutions / schools should get involved in sanctions. There is no compromise.

This becomes very important because the next generation of this nation should have to apply that we teach together,''the law''punishment and reward. Menghalalkan law''is not any way''to achieve a goal. Indeed, generation of this nation will be able appreciate the certainty that every action has consequences: the consequences of both a positive and vice versa.

Positive mental attitude like that will form the character of each of the students we are. Character that is, according to experts, is the essence of leadership. When the students now know the consequences of our actions, we can soon expect many of them can lead this nation with a more intelligent, so that the world can see the benefits of our nation with respect. (By Ohm ).(*)

*) Dr Sugiharto MARS, lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya

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Where is justice?

The weakness in the form Manohara

Beautiful women, family issues called Manohara Odelia Pinot with her husband who came from Malaysia siphon attention of many parties. As a fellow child of the nation, the author is concerned with the issue of succession Manohara family. Hopefully all problems have a quick way to find out the answer. It is very interesting is when some members of the House of Representatives (even the president and vice president) participated in giving attention to the problems of this family. The author wondered, what the leaders on the state to give great attention to the issue of family Manohara? Manohara because what a woman having a certain beautiful, or because Manohara comes from the family is enough? The weakness Manohara family problems (with all the responses as above) reflects the weakness of some nations to be considered by all parties. At least in the three main things. First, the nation tends to be discriminatory to treat people. The issues faced by families and are honored, especially from the officials, tended to get greater attention from all parties rather than their problems come from families who can not afford or mob. Attention to the problems of large families are not only coming from the leader country, but also from the media who have, either in print or electronic media. Recognized or not, many in this country who have experienced the problems of the family very seriously. Not only the issue of domestic violence as experienced Manohara, but the issues in the more crucial, such as the need to cover all shortfalls in daily life. Manohara (may be) is correct in the case of domestic violence. However, violence in the household that they must scrounge for the need to cover day-to-day life is much more severe and tighten. Not infrequently, violence in the family such as this make young children should be there to beg here. Violence in their families have made their children lose the opportunity to learn. Violence in their family has been making children gadisnya simply can not afford to buy new clothes, let alone buy clothes-sheen used Manohara. Where is the country's attention to the problems of families like this? Where is the media attention to their tragic fate? Do they need to dress up beautiful first (like Manohara) to get all the attention? This is not fair! Second, weak protection of the state against citizens, especially those in foreign (WNI). Either case is how many thousands of children that overrides the nation abroad, such as the issue of wages was minimal, the treatment of the employer, and so forth. In general, the issues faced by children in foreign nations become clogged when dealing with the rule of law and local state. As a result, the issues are not solved quickly and correctly. In other words, the bargaining position of the nation is so weak in front of foreign countries. Both in the environment of Asia, the Middle East, or other. Those who have problems in overseas kerapkali not get protection from the country. It is concern when the children of the nation abroad lose protection from the state. They must fight and face all the problems that have "a kara". But, the more concern is the issue they rarely get the attention of the media in the country and the leaders of the country. Third, the weak role (protection) Keduataan of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian embassy) in foreign countries. So far, this is not only about the weakness of the Manohara KBRI. Almost all citizens abroad who have experienced problems have the same complaint. As representatives of the country abroad, the Indonesian embassy in can not fully blame. Like light, KBRI only "reflect" light from the center. When strong light in the center, the reflection KBRI will also be strong. Similarly, vice versa. In conditions like this, Indonesia's position in the foreign countries to be a "source" of all issues, as well as the "source" of all the required exit. For, as presented above, the weak bargaining position in Indonesia before the foreign countries to make this nation can not afford to protect their children with problems overseas. Therefore, to improve the bargaining position of Indonesia in the global political stage be absolute. Thus, the issues that have WNI can be completed quickly and precisely. The challenge Capres Three issues on the challenges to be serious candidates for the president and vice president (Capres-cawapres) that will fight in the upcoming presidential election. Three issues above require real work, not just a campaign slogan to attract people's attention. In economic matters, for example, problems of poverty and the proletariat must be the main concern. Of course, attention is not just rant menggembor with the term "economic democracy" as the popularity of late. Next, the sovereignty of the nation must be firm and committed so that the nation has a high bargaining position in front of foreign countries. Enforcement of this can only be done in a way to empower and complete the problem (economic) faced the mob. This is because they are the main backbone of the nation! *).by ohm.
(*)- Zulaicha, housewife, living in Jakarta.

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Since the importance of Early Organization.

Empowering employees

There are many differences defenisi empowerment (Empowerment) is raised by the experts. According to Noe et.al (1994) is the empowerment of responsibility and authority to work to take all decisions concerning product development and decision making. Meanwhile, according to Khan (1997) is the empowerment of personal relationships to build a sustainable trust between employees and management. Byars and Rue (1997) gave the Empowerment is a form of decentralization involving the subordinate to make decisions.
Defenisi of the above can be taken from a variety of important issues of empowerment, namely: first, the responsibility and authority to employees. Second, to create conditions of trust between management and employees. Third, the employee Involvement namely employee involvement in decision making.
Sharafat Khan (1997) offers a model of empowerment that can be developed in an organization. Model is the empowerment that is:
1. Desire. The first stage in the model Empowerment is the willingness of management to involve workers and mendelegasikan. Which includes, among other things this:
• Workers are given the opportunity to identify problems that are developing.
• directivepersonality out and expand the involvement of workers.
• Encourage the creation of a new perspective and to rethink the strategy work.
• describe the skills and team training for the employees themselves (self - control
2. Trust. Once the desire of management to conduct empowerment, the next step is to build trust between management and employees. There is mutual trust between the member organizations will create good conditions for the exchange of information and advice without fear. Things - including in the trust are:
• Giving employees the opportunity to participate in policy making.
• Provide time and resources are sufficient for the employee in completing work.
• Provide training that is adequate for the needs of work.
• Respect and appreciate the differences of views that achieve success by employees.
• Provide adequate access to information.
3. Confident. The next step after the trust is the confidence cause employees with respect to the ability of the employee. Things - including the actions that can cause confident among others:
• Mendelegasikan tasks that are important to employees.
• excavate ideas and suggestions from employees.
• Extending the tasks and build networks between departments.
• Provide schedule job instruction and encourage the settlement of the good.
4.Credibility. The fourth step to maintain credibility with the awards and to develop a work environment that encourages a healthy competition so that the organization has created a high performance. This credibility is included among others:
• Looking employees as a strategic partner
• Increasing the target in all parts of the job
• Introducing initiatives for individuals to make changes through participation
• Assist in determining the difference between completing the objectives and priorotas
5. Accountibility
Stage in the process of empowerment is more responsibility on the employees of the authority given. By setting clear and consistent about the role, standards and goals of the assessment of the performance of employees, this step as a means of evaluating the performance of employees in the settlement and the responsibilities of the authority given. This includes the accountability, among others:
• Using the line training in evaluating the performance of employees
• Provide a clear task and the size of the clear
• Involve employees in determining the size and standard
• Provide advice and assistance to employees in completing work load
• Provide a period of time and giving feedback
6.Communication. The last step is the communication that is open to creating mutual understanding between employees and management. This openness can be realized with the criticisms and suggestions on the results and achievements of the workers. It is included in the communication, among others:
• Define the open door communication policy
• Provide time to obtain and distribute information to the public issues
• Creating opportunities for cross - training
Model above illustrates that a series of empowerment is a process done in stages in the organization in order to achieve optimal and build awareness of the member organizations of the importance of the empowerment process so that the necessary commitment from the members of the organization. With the authority and responsibility will lead to employee motivation and commitment to the organization.(*).(by Ohm).

(*) -Posted in HRD on May 8, 2009 by shelmi.

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Resept Performance

The concept of Merit Pay and Performance Rating

Merit a word derives from the English language that has services, benefits and achievements. Thus Merit Pay is a payment rewards (reward) associated with the service or work performance (performance) or a benefit that employees have been given to the organization. The simple concept of merit pay is a payment system that link the reward (reward) with the achievement of (performacne) employees. Implications of the concept of merit pay that someone with a strong performance, it will obtain a higher reward as well as vice versa. That is, the higher the performance of the employees will be the higher the increase in return. Merit pay plan is a procedure for a salary that is based compensation system that is performance based salary or wages of individuals beyond the period measured tertentu.Untuk based perstasi payment or performance of the system is part of the regular payment of workers should be regularly evaluated their performance (performance appraisal ).
Rating employee performance is an absolute requirement that management must be done so that merit pay can be applied properly, the general assumption in the business that merit pay is a payment to compensate karywan that has high performance and the provision of incentives for the continuation of good performance. To find out the performance of employees is high or low need of a good assessment of the management. For if the assessment system is not good, then also the application of merit pay will not be effective. So one of the key bekerjanya merit pay system will depend on how well the system performance evaluation (performance appraisal) in the organization (Brookes, 1993).
This is presented by Wilkerson (1995) that most of the assessment for this performance can not be accepted because it has a weakness, namely:
1. Staff workers, managers tied to many systems, processes and people. However, the assessment focused only on individual performance, this is the assessment that is not the individual not as a system in an organization.
2. Rating the performance of the system in the organization is consistent, and can be predicted. But in reality the system and the process is a subject that can be changed because management must consciously make changes in accordance with the abilities and the demands of business.
3. Demanding requirements of performance assessment process that objective, consistent and fair can be trusted, but the other will be the assessment of performance can be viewed as employees of the memdadak and based favoritisme. Schüler and Jackson (1999) recommends that before implementing performance-based reward systems will need to make an assessment of the depth of these questions.
There are ten questions that must be answered before implementing performance-based rewards system, namely: (1) What is the payment by employees of votes. (2) What is the target to be achieved by performance-based rewards system. (3) What is the value for the organization's system of payment performance. (4) Can performance be measured accurately. (5) How often is performance measured, and in the evaluation. (6) Level I unit (individual, group, or organization) that will be used to distribute the reward. (7) How akan charge associated with the performance (eg through increased services, bonuses, commissions or incentives) (8) Does the organization have adequate financial resources to make that payment based on the performance meaningful. (9) Phase-stage what will be adopted to ensure that employees and management have a commitment to that system (10) The stages of what will be to monitor and control system.
So that performance assessment can be carried out with both methods required to meet the requirements below, namely:
(1) What is measured is really the achievement and not other factors, such as involving personal. (2) Using tolokukur clear and have a guarantee that the measurements are objective.
(3) to understand, and be fully understood by all members of organizations involved.
(4) is carried out consistently, and fully supported by top leaders of the organization (Ruky, 1996).(*).(by Ohm). sumber : Eka Nuraini, merit pay : meningkatkan atau menghalangi kinerja

(*) -Posted in HRD on May 12, 2009 by shelmi.

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Career development.!!

Career in word knowledge Biology of nature have any meaning.

Career is a process. There are ways and channels to develop. Quality companies always trying to create a career ladder in accordance with the capacity, quality and employee dedication and contribution for the achievement of a prime.
Career is part of the travel and living a purpose. Everyone has the right and obligation to achieve a successful career that well, it is
obsession. opinion that have been established and we often find real life in the community, that someone will be successful or successful in his career where someone has to be positioned or manager or head of an institution in both the government and the private sector. With the perception of this kind of recognition and get a feel valued, respected both in the work environment, the family and in the community . Status and dignity to be picked up and became a solitary pride.
Whatever the reasons, with a clear position that has been Retrieved is a "yardstick" for himself and power, can also considered as a source of legitimacy to do something, to achieve a career to a higher position.
It is true that someone's position is based on the legitimacy of power. May also regard the material for someone, the connection, reference is considered as a source of power, this depends on social environment and cultural background that formed the system of values and perceptions. The problem is whether such perceptions are still relevant in the era of globalization of competition nowadays, where concepts, ideas, information and expertise is a source of power. Presumably so that we perla reorientasi mistaken interpretation of the position where the vertical orientation the only career success someone can be straightened so that the negative impact can by others. Hit, for example Rinse oriented an organization that focuses on the development of his career and only to the structural position, but is limited to structural, process and career development and their own way and not clear what the criteria, which clearly will not grow professionalism as you talk.
"Standard informal group".
Behavior of the structural position dipaskakan direction can make the climate system as a political organization that lead to the "Political Behavuor" in which the working relationship, roles, career someone in the organization are not clear, and the direction is not consistent with the objectives of the organization.
In a flexible organization and dynamic levels of career development and promotion process is not done in a vertical but horizontal more often, the skill level of someone's views akan deskripsinya not only in his organization. Each person in a organiasi certainly have the potential to achieve career and achievements. The most important of all directed to the path or direction of the right and match the capabilities, Baku-love ideals, and achievement so that employees with a reasonably good, does not feel itself does not increase his career and seems to misfire.
Thus, the management faces a challenge in the face and able to handle a career employee. Need concept for the process of career development and a clear, systematic and well planned. If you do not neglect this impossible potential and employees who will leave the company well. Need career development process as a need to answer and Responding this problem. Career as a disempatkan have to establish a career plan with the bridge between the skills, desire and purpose to the needs and objectives of the company. Azas "The Win-Win Situation" will create a balanced condition between employees and companies in the face of the future full of changes and challenges. I believe that to participate in the process, especially for career satisfaction and increased employee.

The process of career is a process that the company deliberately created to help employees to better enhance career. Career is an important part of the change and will continue to happen in the way of life and work of employees.
Performance Management, Continuos Improvement and help create a career all participation in the workplace, where the purpose of the company.
The process of career, a framework that was built in an effort to help employees, such as:
• clearly describe the skills, values, goals and needs for career development.
• Plan to reach career goals
• The continuous evaluation. Revise and improve the design.
Thus, a relationship between employee communication with management or the company is a major process of career goals. Of course, the process to achieve a good career perla we observe the principles of:
• Employees responsible for own career
• Expertise employees based on the business itself struggle
• Planning a career is made knowingly and voluntarily
• Continuos Improvement for using the personal
• Success is described well by their own self-employee
Essentially the process of career is a process of interaction in the partnership and cooperation between the company's partners, namely: the company or management, direct supervisors and employees themselves. Each partner expects results or Income clear benefits for employees can enhance career growth. All the company is a source device and participating actively in the process and career development. The device can be prepared and career through a planned training vessel institutions.
Career is a software tool assement and planning and can assist in solving problems and career development can be guided through the action plan. If the employees themselves exploring the values of his career, to help employees clearly akan itself and clearly explaining the real purpose, with describes a career plan, goals and specific targets we will be easy to achieve.
Career Development Options
Career development that have their own way or path-path and the options that will provide each employee to develop his career along the way that reflects the goals and abilities. Options direction you want to be a good opportunity for the employees themselves anywhere and anytime.
Options direction or career path development include:
• Enrichment is the development and improvement through pemebrian duty or special assignment, this is the general form of career development.
• the development of the lateral side of the kea rah any work that might better match creativity and provide a wider experience, new challenges and to provide confidence and greater satisfaction.
• Vertical development towards the top in a position that has responsibility and authority responsibility of large special expertise is in the appeal or a new specialty.
• Relocation of the physical move to another unit or organization to the place that can complement the growth opportunities and increase the desire and ability of employees to remain on the same job.
• Exploration of kea rah exploring a wider choice of career again in the organizational unit or units outside the organization to find and gather information so that it can answer questions ean make a decision about the career potential that will be selected.
• Realigement, the kea rah downward movement that may reflect something of the work or the exchange of priority for employees to reduce the risk, responsibility and stress jawan, employee position towards a more precise as well as the opportunity or a new opportunity.
Career development process and developed through the channels such as the above is a blend of strength and interest of companies with employees based on the values of partnership sionalisme. This means the development of career employees kea rah not only structural but also to develop functional expertise kea rah, with such a position have functional roles as "equal partners" structural position.
The process of career development and the company was very helpful grow each individual employee in career problem solving, there is no problem for employees in the self Go career. Something that is very good in the process and career development that can promise a range of options on-line career path.(by Ohm).
sumber : proses dan jalur pengembangan karier, oleh soendoro dalil

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Goal Performance Evaluation..?????

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a method and process assessment and implementation of a task or a group of people or units to work in a company or organization in accordance with the performance standard or goal that is set first. Performance evaluation is the most fair in giving rewards or prizes to the workers.
The purpose of performance evaluation is to ensure the achievement of goals and objectives of the company and also to know the position of the company and the level of achievement of the target company, especially to find out if there is a delay or diversion to be improved, so that the target or goal is reached. The evaluation of individual performance can be used for multiple use.

•  Increased performance
•  Development of human resources
•  The provision of compensation
•  The program increased productivity
•  Program personnel
•  Avoid treatment discrimination

Rating the performance goal
Ganda have to approach the goal achievement assessment work as follows:
1. Goal Evaluation
The results of the assessment of achievement is used as the basis for regular evaluation of the achievements of members of the organization, which includes:
a. Salary research. Compensation decisions that include merit-pay increases, bonuses and other salary increases is one of the main achievements of the assessment work.
b. Promotion opportunities. Preparation of decisions employees (Staffing) associated with the campaign, demosi, transfer and discharge employees is the second of the goal achievement assessment work.
2. Destination Development
Information generated by the system of performance assessment can be used to develop the private members of the organization, which includes:
a. And strut brace Prestasi Work. Feedback on work performance (performance feedback) is the main development needs that for almost all employees want to know the results of assessments conducted.
b. Improving the Performance of Work. Goal achievement assessment also working to provide guidance to employees for performance improvement work in the future.
c. Determining Goals-Goal Progresi Career. Performance assessment work will also provide information to employees that can be used as a basis for discussion of the goals and long-term career plans.
d. Determining Needs-Training Needs. Assessment of individual performance can explain the collection of data to be used as a source of analysis and identification of training needs.
Factors Rating performance
Three dimensions of performance that need to be included in the assessment of work performance, namely:
1. Level of discipline as an employee of the organization needs to keep people in the organization, described in the assessment of the absence, delay, and long working time.
2. Ability level employees as a form of organization needs to obtain the results of the settlement of the task terandalkan, both in the quantity and quality of performance that must be achieved by an employee.
3. Behavior-innovative and spontaneous behavior in the external task requirements to increase the effectiveness of formal organizations, among others, in the form of cooperation, Protective actions, ideas are constructive and creative, self-training, and attitudes that the organization.(*).(by Ohm).

(*).-Posted in HRD on February 27, 2009 by shelmi.

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Saved Of Ecology..!!

Note Environment Day, 5 June
Jurisprudence Can Save the urine Ecology

ADA an advice we often hear, the success of dealing with very large determined by the success of the issues that are considered trivial (light). Someone who used to ignore small problems may not need to be trusted to handle the problem. Section, he will not have the ability to address them. Habits ignore small problems will not make enough to be able complete the issue of trust.

Reality that we often encountered in the life of the community is a sink or let small problems do not tertangani and delayed-delay. Small problems will not be considered a burden or disease that threaten and harm the community. In fact, many studies show that due to the attitude. For example waste left menggunung. Once the waste landslide occurred, a man living in the surrounding buried alive.

Another problem which is considered small by the public is a small void (urinate). We easily find the elements of society who stand in the street or are in the huddle urine. As a result, the environment is not an element of comfort.

When traveling from Makkah to Medina, in the middle of the road bus passengers author tumpangi spell at the same time providing time for lunch. The author intends to prevent a small room of the previous subscription depart Hajj. He said, the first small room does not result in enthusiastic eating.

Given that it is not resistant, the author desperate to small rooms. True, so go to the washroom, I find the smell pesing and menumpuknya human faeces. In the case that mencuat claim is not whether we can implement management urine.


It seems that the conditions found in the country of destination so that the spiritual is not hard to find in the Indonesian society. Rooms are very small dirty comments thus easily found in places which the means of upholding the teachings of the delivery of hygiene, including the public institutions that have a religious-allocation of funds to deal with environmental problems.

Management are in fact berinti regulation or management of basic and sacred issue in religion-related sewage disposal or disease (urine). Regulation of the basic issues, although often seen as aspects of the small, sejatinya reminded people about the meaning of responsibility in relation to the ecology or the environment.

In front of friends, the prophets speak, "Avoid three kinds of acts damnable: dispose of water in the mawarid (which were people, such as water or river, Red), roads, and places people take shelter." In another Hadith also mentioned restrictions urinating in places perforated. For suspected places it into the animal health, such as ant.

Words in the Hadith by Abu David diriwayatkan shows, religion has been in the regulations are the rules or play Jurisprudence sakralitas ecological ethics berelasi with human behavior, both in relationship with God, fellow humans, and other living creatures. Living creatures that dipergauli charged with the good or righteous by men, both individual and collective-korporatif, among them, the earth and the works of God on it.

Must build up the atmosphere or the crowd is good, among them, can be realized with the behavior that indicates bermodus achieve environmental hygiene, to maintain the sustainability of nature, or to prevent themselves from the act had destruktif and dehumanistik of ecological resources. Akan Prevensi the impact on the prevention or reduction of global warming (global warming).

In religion, the problem of removing urine only have outlined the mechanism or regulation. Mechanism to begin to pray that the object or area can be used as a place to dispose of urine. Not all places can be the object pembungan human urine. The urine that is not only terbuang akan leave the smell of damage to the environment, but also virus-virus.

Terms of the waste management of urine is often we ignore or less aktualisasikan. In fact, any restrictions that have been outlined his surely contain valuable lessons for the sustainability of human life. From urine, the religion we intend mengedukasi moral. What are the human-risk consist dangerous if people do not or fail to translate the smart and enforce these rules.

Dispose of urine seems to be really small issue. However, if the urine is constantly removed with the ways and customs of one, does not smell tasty akan pervade the atmosphere in the social community, there is a right subject to the convenience and health. If the habit is carried out in the tourist attractions, the people who failed to enjoy the beauty of nature. Instead, they "enjoy" the smell and sting pollution that threatens health.

With waste water restrictions outlined in the urine, the actual management of the protection of public kemaslahatan from global warming if the urine diidentikkan corrodent ozone (BPO). Rights of the social ecology in general (public) that utilize keasrian, coolness, comfort and wealth will be lost because of natural or stained didestruksi urine. In ranah, the urine has become the waste we create the public or the birth of sin. For, from the urine, the psychological interest of public health terusik.

Norms which regulate urine is actually a valuable lesson. Of urine only, we ask that religion has to be careful, or follow the correct mechanism. Moreover, the problem is related to the B3 classmates hazardous waste (hazardous and toxic), which notabene BPO, of any religious message the more stringent set. In fact, religion is the sky with the hard problems the danger of human behavior arogan and kriminalis in damage and pollute the environment.(*), (by Ohm).

(*) -Oleh Abdul Wahid.Dekan Fakultas Hukum Unisma Malang, visitor pada International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). Posted in HRD on May 14, 2009 by shelmi